Babaji Sensei in Japan

Babaji is flying again… Across the world, to one of his ancient places – Japan.


After lifetimes, now he is back to a country so close to his heart.


Here he feels totally at home, enjoying the magnificent temples, the immaculate gardens, the beautiful people and the ever present silence.



Having the whole universe as his playground, Babaji San has fun wherever he is, savoring the simple things in life. Smooth and gentle, he quickly blends in and becomes just like a local.




And just as smoothly, he touches every heart he meets on the way. With a look, a smile, a hug or a little teasing, his fragrance is spread, intoxicating all the hearts around.



Japan has a beautiful history of many Zen masters and Bodhisattvas that have shared their presence and wisdom. Their stories and feats are still praised and remembered.
Now the Bodhisattva came from the West, and is reigniting the fire of enlightenment.

What a blessing to be living this!