In the home of the gods


The Beloved has brought some of his disciples with him to Ladakh, to the sacred mountains of the Himalayas. This divine place, where so many Masters and seekers have walked before us.




Here and everywhere, again and again, the Beloved is showing us the beauty of life. Bringing us to places, inside and outside, so magical, we couldn’t even imagine it existed. These dry mountains, the oasis of green in the middle of it. The open hearts. The blue sky. The white clouds. The tears of gratitude… His face in front of us. The sacredness of his being, and of all the masters before him, in the air. We are so blessed to have ever met him, to have seen his face… And to be with him, to give our lives to him, to love – to surrender to him… is blessings upon blessings. Upon blessings.

He is showing us layers after layers of beauty, aliveness, seeings, adventure, joy… we are diving deeper and deeper into the mystery of life, and of ourselves… There is no end to this beauty.

Traveling with him, we are in the fire. We experience ourselves in new ways, and we are challenged in new ways. We are in places we have never been before – on the outside, and inside ourselves – with each other and with him. He throws us into the unknown, into doing things we have never done before, into situations we don´t know how to handle. He is shaking us, kissing us, lifting us, teaching us.

We are following him on motorbikes, like a flock of birds flowing into the sky, into the mountains.

The feeling of not knowing. Not knowing how to behave, where to step, not knowing how to be around the Master. Not knowing how to meet him.

In all layers, he is teaching us. And here, in this paradise. Here, around the Master, there is no way we can ever “know” how to behave, how to be.

Here, we are all beginners. Every moment is new. Every moment we are new.


Reality is, we are always in the Unknown. And on a journey like this we are reminded about it. Life becomes so fresh, so alive, so blessed, so insecure.

We are helpless.

In that helplessness, life gets born.

There is no more such a thing as a comfort zone. The only Real place, is in the middle of the jump, in the middle of the moment. Nothing else can fulfill us, than to die into the Unknown.

In his shaking, in his kissing, in his thunder and soft caresses – the false is falling away, we are unburdened. So we can travel lighter… More and more, traveling like the white clouds drifting in the sky, kissing these sacred mountains…

The only prayer left is gratitude.

Shake us, Beloved, shake us, burn us… let everything that can be lost, be lost. Let everything that can be taken away, be taken. Till nothing else is left, other than the Real.

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