A Storm of Truth

The Beloved One is back to his garden in Brazil… A sweet fragrance in the air, a breeze of silence, a storm of Truth. Babaji is back to shake us up from our sleep, to clean our sight, to remind us again and again of our true longing, of the real reason we are here.


Every time a retreat ends, we go back to our lives with a homework – to take care of our hearts, of the sacred space that is awaken within when we sit at his feet. Each time it is a challenge, each time a new chance to remain connected, present, aware, alert.

But many times, without our even noticing it, the sight becomes blurred, the clarity stained. Slowly slowly, the sand castles of dreams and illusions start taking shape. Again we are caught in the mind’s web of ideas, thoughts, personal dramas.

And so it happened this time. Babaji had to come for a deep cleaning, a good blow to shake us out of our blindness. Shiva, the great destroyer, comes to knock down all unconsciousness, to crumble our sand castles. With his simple yet direct truth, all that is false has to be exposed and then annihilated.


And it is strong, it is intense. But oh, is it necessary. For after the storm comes the stillness. And we are more real, clean, clear. As understanding sips in, we relax back into our beings, knowing the Master is there for us.
And he saved us again.

In His sweetness and love, we are sheltered, we are nurtured, we are embraced. And with all this, we have grown, we have learned, we’ve gone deeper. Gratitude blooms in the heart. And a new wisdom is rooted – this precious jewel within has to be taken care of with all we’ve got. And no one can do it for us. Nothing on the outside can support it. It is our own responsibility, it is in our hands.


Babaji just came, and in 3 Satsangs we have gone through a whole inner revolution. All the false is destroyed, all that is real is shining. Just like that. That’s the magic of the Master.


Beloved One, how can we ever be grateful enough?

May this new insight within

be an offering to You.