Into Death

Dharma Mountain and its cabins are enveloped by fog. But higher up, the mountains rise crystal clear, dressed in newborn babies colors – the pale pink where the sun kisses the snow, the baby blue sky above. And from these mountains bathing in light, our Master comes to speak to us of conscious death.

Meditation is a death. A conscious death. Deeper than the body,
because you go beyond that identification.
In meditation you go to that place which is beyond the body. Your essence.
Then, at the moment of death – or any time you go there – you are beyond.
That is surrendering. That is melting. That is let go.
That is understanding. That is grace.

Many of us don’t know what death is. We may have concepts, ideas and fears about it, which are holding us back from living totally. We have become like the ice around us, afraid to flow. But our Master tells us there can be no ice without water. We have just forgotten that.

Even if you are ice, even if you are frozen, you came from the water, which is fluid.
And you will go back to that.
That is the natural state.

Like the spring sun, our Master melts us, so we can again start flowing.
In his presence we can go into anything, even death. We are ready to die before we die.

Go deeper beyond the mind, beyond your emotional body, into that place where there is only gratefulness, peace, understanding, consciousness, love. It is always there. And when you learn how to go beyond, you can always be in touch with that.
And that’s what happens in death, you leave everything. So if you don’t cling to anything, what do you have to lose? What do you have to lose, if you don’t hold on to anything?
You have nothing to lose. And when you have nothing to lose, you have everything.
AUM Shanti shanti shanti shanti shanti shanti shanti shanti shanti shanti Aum