only Love exists

Having stared death in the face, are we ready for a bigger challenge?
To look at ourselves – deeply, openly, honestly?
Sitting in vipassana, going deeper, deeper.
Simply watching the breath.
The breath of life. Going in. Going out.
Can we go in? Deeper in? To the very core of our being?
Deep within each of us, is a silent space which is our true nature.
Sitting with the Master, we can feel it.
Feel it in him, as he shares himself.
Feel the memory being stirred… Yes, I am that.
Beyond the chattering mind. Watching.
Being caught by a thought.
Bringing ourselves back.
To our body.
Sitting. Straight. Silent.
Nature supports us.
The crunch of boots on frozen snow.
The song of a lone bird gliding through the crisp air.
The bubble and gurgle of the water flowing beneath the river ice.
Everything is quiet.
Small animal tracks in the snow hint at life,
but it is as if everything has gone in…
to that space where all questions dissolve
where only love exists.
 Blue sky video: