Love Shower

It’s high season in Mevlana Garden.

The summer vibes are in the air, tourists coming from everywhere, and the Sangha is working full-on to serve and share the beauty we live.

In this intense period, which for many of us could mean stress, tiredness, going beyond our limits, Babaji gives us a weekly shower of love in his Satsangs, keeping us “high” on love and happiness.

Babaji is giving us the unique opportunity to integrate his teachings into our daily lives. The fire of awareness and love is so available that we cannot forget. What a blessing it is, to have his constant reminder to stop and to be aware & centered. Reminding us why we are here and what is most important.

Every week we are blessed to be in his precious presence. He guides us so that we may be like the lotus flower – in the world but untouched by it. We are happily learning this fine art, with our hearts full of gratitude for such sacred support.

It all depends on where you are – in what company you are.
If you have dark company, you become dark. If you have light company, you become light.

Be aware what you are doing with your life. Be happy.

In every Satsang, so many teachings, so much lightness of Being. We are learning how to stop looking outside of ourselves to find love, silence and peace. To stop trying to be something other than what we really are – this very moment, this silence, this love…

Lose yourself in this love
when you lose yourself in this love
you will find everything.

That’s what the Master is telling you all the time –
let go, lose yourself…

Do not fear this loss
so you will rise from this earth
and embrace the endless heavens.

Escape from the black cloud that surrounds you,
then you will see your own light
as radiant as the full moon,
and then enter the silence.

This is the truest way, the surest way
to lose yourself.

That is what is happening around the Master, he is reminding us of our own light.

And we have to be dedicated to find it in ourselves.

That’s the art of being a disciple – being steady on the path.
Then one day you will see your own light.
The Master is always trying to give you what you are longing for in your heart, in your soul – not in your mind.

What a blessed life! The Master is giving us everything we need to wake up.

Now it is up to each of us to receive it, to empty out, to stop, to meditate. To be present in this very moment, and realize the beauty that we are.

Thank you, Babaji!