What is Freedom?

Together, once more at the feet of our Beloved, taking part in this beautiful song which is to be in the presence of an alive Master. He who plays the strings of our heart and soul, creating a resonance within us with all the mystery and the beauty of life.

He asks us: What is freedom?

And he points us to the realization that free flow can happen when we connect with our inner world in a relaxed and conscious way. So, there is no problem, no obstacle, no doubt – like music which simply touches us where reason does not exist, directly in our heart.

A new world is presented to us by our Master, and this time we are introduced to the beauty of the universe of the poet mystic, Hakim Sanai, who was a great source of inspiration for the sufi poets and writers.

Rumi said: Attar was the soul, Sanai the two eyes. We walk the road of Sanai and Attar.

And here, in the Garden of the Beloved, we are listening, hypnotized, to a story of another Garden, surrounded by walls, from where arose a melody which was irresistible to the innocent hearts that were approaching.

Both there and here, we are face to face with the Truth and we are reminded that it is always new, always fresh, always now.

Our Beloved tells us that many lives have to happen for us to be in Satsang and we feel blessed to be receiving this present, surrounded by a whirlwind of happiness and love.

Silently and gently we are invited to polish our mirror, cleansing the layers of dust that have settled there with the passing of time, becoming more open and more receptive to each moment, so that the Divine can take us over.

We have this opportunity to be in this body, which would have no reason to exist, if not to share that which is natural and beautiful in Existence. Our Temple of Growth, which we must learn to listen to and to care for lovingly.

Like clay, it will one day disappear, returning to dust. But with the kindness of our Master, we have a chance in this life to go beyond and attain that which never dies. We have the chance to celebrate the eternal Blissful Spring, embodied in the presence of our Beloved.