Turn your face towards Life

Here and now, spring flowers inside us when we dive more deeply into silence. We cannot make the flowers grow, but we can create harmony by becoming more empty and receptive. Permitting the fragrance which emanates from our Beloved to melt our hearts, leaving Existence to use us and do what has to be done.

The heart of the heart whispers in that language which we know, but have forgotten. He has so much to tell us and is calling us back home. And together with our Master, we heed the call to stop and listen to him. He, in his infinite compassion, left the mountains solely to share with us and remind us that first of all, we must purify ourselves. We must free ourselves from the chains which we have created around us, and take care of ourselves.

From that understanding, we can then be spontaneous, naturally in Peace. We can live one day at a time, accepting that everything is perfect exactly as it is. And how could it be different– are we not fortunate enough? God has sent us one of his most loving companions– our sweet Babaji.

How blessed we are, we who can, as so beautifully expressed by Sanai, “bend your back double in his service” and thus, find ourselves.

Sitting in Satsang, at the feet of our Master, we “turn our face towards life” towards beauty, towards Truth. And the Beloved can pour his wisdom upon us and speak of the beauty of death. Not only the end of the journey for this body on Earth, and a great opportunity to meet our real selves. But to go beyond; to disappear, a death in consciousness, a rebirth, to die in Love.

So much gratitude to have our beloved Babaji reminding us to remember that deep, sacred space, where we can always come back to our centre – our precious silence. The Beloved is our own heart calling us, irresistibly, back home.

With every Satsang we sit with him, this call gets stronger and more clear. He lovingly invites us: You are only here to surrender to Silence and Love. Come. Just sit here.