Sparks of Divine Grace

Sparks of Divine Grace reach us and we are accompanied by a Man of Silence. In everything he says, in all his movements, we feel his sweetness, his vitality, his intimacy with the language of the gods.

Our Beloved Babaji speaks to our hearts and calls us to a unique encounter in his garden of peace, in his paradise. He invites us to a celebration in the “Open Field of Love”.

We are drunk, intoxicated after days submerged in his energy, in his Love. We are here just to listen to Him and absorb what He tells us. Contrary to how we were taught and what society expects of us, our Master tells us to stop, to be totally quiet.

The Beloved reveals that the journey can be easy or difficult, it depends solely on us. Only one step needs to be taken. But this simple step has to happen in the right direction. In his huge compassion, He not only awaits us, but teaches the way: it is a turning back into ourselves.


In a silence full of joy, where a look, a smile, a touch can be understood, there is the connection, we get in tune with our center, with our Beloved. The miracle happens, the soul awakened and, submerged in Love, only longs for Love.

And so is born, within us, a pure melody of praise and gratitude to our Master.

My Beloved sings
sweet songs of Freedom.

Soundless, wordless songs
which only my heart can hear.

In the fragrance of his presence
I am no more

A deep relaxation happens.

There is no me.
There is no you.

No right. No wrong.
There just is.

What bliss
this isness is.

Gratitude explodes me into nothingness.
By His grace, I am home again.

Here, in the company of our Master, something wonderful is happening. These are magnificent days and there are not enough words to express our gratitude to the Beloved, for being part of it. How precious to be at his feet and to be able to surrender into such soft hands that transform us into supreme ecstasy.

Renewed, with our souls awake, our hearts, strong and warm, join in one voice: JAY BABAJI!