A Divine Meeting

A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows.

St. Francis of Assisi

I have a profound love for Saint Francis, his purity and innocence, his deep devotion and surrender to love, to Jesus Christ. It made him one with all God’s creation.

Such a being is a light for the masses who are stumbling in darkness.

Swaha was invited to share his love in Assisi, a place filled with a special energy, a city of peace, so seldom found anywhere in the world. Many friends came to sit with him, to be part of this divine meeting. Two Love presences separated in time, together in One Heart.

In the silent and soft hills of Assisi, spring is in full bloom
Red poppies waving in the breeze
Olive trees and vines dressed in their new green leaves
As if they are greeting the Master
Who has come here again
To share his silence
To pour his Love
As Saint Francis did in these same hills, 800 years ago.

Through the humming of insects and the singing of many birds
Through the seeds and flower scents spreading in the air

The Masters of Peace are meeting
Silence meets Silence
Love meets Love
And the all of nature stops in recognition.

Silence attracts silence, love attracts love.

We are the blessed ones, to be here!
Who can feel this divine meeting in our own hearts

Touching the delicate silence,
The blissful spring inside of us

Sanctify yourself and you will sanctify society.

St. Francis of Assisi