Natural Happiness

The heart knows where it is happy.
It knows our true nature.
A very deep longing for this is what brings us now to this retreat with the Beloved Vasant Swaha.

The way we live our lives is fogged by layers of impurities – conditioning, ideas, personality, expectations, dreams… We have diverted our attention. Since childhood, we have learned to identify ourself with all this, taking us away from our true nature. As we live our lives, we scratch surfaces here and there, looking for something deeper. Is there a bigger picture?

Questions like this help us discover bits and pieces of the Big Beauty. The thrill of the rising moon over a frozen lake. The sunset colors over soft waves, with a warm breeze caressing our naked skin. The feeling of floating in crystal clear water. The moment we are just one in a sharing with a friend. The absence of thoughts when music touches our heart. 

Or by sitting at the feet of a living Master.

Our Beloved One fires us up and we surrender to His fire. A fire that burns away all impurities so we can reconnect to our true nature. We see the big picture, but then it dissolves and we simply are.
This is the biggest gift ever.

Everything has to be gone for you to just be natural, open, in your natural self. Then you will find the real, undisturbed peace, the true happiness.