Sacred Tears

Tears are healing on all levels.
If one is sad, in pain, then crying will create a relief.
If you are happy, the crying will give you more happiness, more joy, because the tears are giving support to it.
Tears and laughter are one of the most beautiful human expressions.

                                                              Vasant Swaha

Normally tears have no space in society. Tears are to be repressed, hidden, we hold back.
Here there is so much space for it. And by allowing it, we become unburdened and spontaneous again. Peaceful, in harmony.
In Satsang, soft tears roll down our cheeks.

Tears of happiness, bliss and gratitude are from the heart.
These are beautiful tears.
Sacred tears.
These tears are cleaning the heart,
making room for more bliss.
More silence.

Vasant Swaha

After a long, warm summer, a chilly breeze sweeps through the Forest Temple and the rain pours down.
But the Master reminds us that the sun always shines above the clouds.
Our grateful hearts bow down, to the wonder of His light.