Babaji in Bali

Babaji is having his private retreat in the beautiful island of Bali.
The combination of a silky ocean, lush nature, ancient trees, beautiful temples and delicious food suits him just fine…

The Balinese people are relaxed, friendly and smiley, present in what they are doing. Their innocent hearts can sense something out of the ordinary. The man they meet has a special glow in his eyes, a presence that inebriates, like a unique fragrance – mysterious, sweet, fascinating. 

It is not uncommon, on travels with Swaha, to meet people that feel so attracted to his energy that they wish to follow him, to stay close to him, to rejoice in his presence; many times without even being able to understand what it is.

Though it happens often, each time it touches me in a way that is hard to explain. There is a bubbly joy in the heart, mixed with so much love and gratitude for other human hearts. To witness how, deep inside, all hearts have the same thirst, and with that, a recognition of the Real.

This time a lover of Lord Krishna recognised something in a special guest staying at the hotel he works.
‘I’m so lucky’, he said. ‘Krishna sent you to me. Thank you, thank you’.
Soon he became Babaji’s first Balinese devotee. His new name is Govinda.

Even if Babaji puts on his ‘holiday disguise’, his energy is not so easy to hide… 

Bali gave Babaji a very good rest. But now he misses his people, so he is soon embarking on a journey to meet them.

May everyone be happy and find peace.