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The Master sits, with outstretched arms. Open.
Look into the mirror of his face.
Imbibe the nectar of his love.
Surrender to your own heart and become one with his.

In this sacred silence, looking only inward, the truth appears. Beyond words, beyond form. Beyond ideas of who we are or what we should be. Beyond attachment to the physical.

The pure white snow outside reminds us to purify ourselves inside.
The slow thawing of nature reminds us to melt.
The radiance of the Master reminds us to shine.
Beyond the cloudy mind, the sun is always shining.
Sitting quietly, doing nothing, spring comes, and the grass grows by itself.

What is meditation all about? To come back to your silent center, so you can fall in tune with existence. 
There is nothing to learn, nothing to become. The Master is trying to teach you being-ness, not becoming. Just being in tune with this moment.
That is what Satsang means. Sitting together as one heart. One beating heart.
Relaxing into this. Drowning into this silent moment.