Coming back to Love

Who is here
behind this name, this skin,
beyond these expressions on the face?
Who am I when I no longer have answers
and exhausted, I insist,
and something burns inside me?
Who, beyond what the eyes can grasp,
feels the flame ignite and
looks inside for this light?
And if I just look inside, yet perceive the flowers,
the birds, feel the sea and the wind,
do I get lost in the world or do I discover myself in it?
From everything I don’t understand, my heart reveals:
stay with the Beloved, merge with him,
melting in this mystery.
He is the sweet way
back to Love,
he will take you back to yourself.

Embrace the moment. Allow everything to relax. Welcome the silence. Only in silence will you get the answer. Become so silent, so open, that you will hear it, you will understand it. Silence is the language of the gods. Listen. You will be happy. And the gods will be happy.

Vasant Swaha