His Sacred Gifts

Sometimes through a loving gaze, the meeting of eyes, a soft smile… 
Sometimes through a hug, a joke, or laughter… 
Sometimes sitting in Silence with us. 

And sometimes arrows of Truth
cut through our lies, our sleepiness, shadows, games and falseness. 

The Beloved is using every chance, every way, to wake us up. 
He has given himself to This. 

May we be worthy
of his sacred gifts. 

May we not protect our unconsciousness, 
or try to keep it together. 

May we allow our false selves to be destroyed. 
May we let our past, our stories and dramas go, in this flood of Love. 

So we can be with him.
So we can rise.

When you realise from your heart that there is no going back to the past, to the old, to fear… Then, where are you gonna go?
That’s what the Master is there for: “Let’s move into the unknown. Let’s go deeper, without fear – with excitement, with love.”

Vasant Swaha

Listen to your heart. Let that become your best friend. Then you won’t get lost in your mind, because the heart is so beautiful, so lovely – that you don’t want to leave.
Only when you haven’t found it, you are looking, you are lost in other things. And the heart is very, very silent. So you have to become very, very silent to be able to listen to the silence of the heart – to the whisper from your soul.

Vasant Swaha