We could be anywhere

How precious it is
to be here, opening our hearts at his feet.

We could be anywhere.
But by some lucky chance we are here.
Transforming pain, past and persona.
Releasing in ways that, before, we could not.
Learning the art of living from the heart.

How juicy, how precious is that?
Where else could this happen?
How unthinkable in the world right now?

Maybe we have never felt as strongly as now:
Nothing is taken for granted.

We could be anywhere, but we are here.
In this beautiful garden,
with these flowers, with this warm wind.
With the Beloved.

In this precious here and now, in this light
of a living Master.

People know so many arts, they have so many skills.
There are so many things they learn.
But what about the art of living? Of just being?

To be one with life, you have to be natural.
Unburdened, open and happy. Everybody wants to be happy. So how come you are not happy? You haven’t stood up for your happiness. You have to reclaim yourself.
You have a choice.

Vasant Swaha

You live in the physical reality, where you have to take decisions. You have to do things. Intelligence is needed.
But then you have to function from your heart, your soul, which is not material, but spiritual. In that space, you don’t have to do anything. How to balance that? To bring the non doing into the doing – that is the art of living.

Vasant Swaha