The Gift of Life

Born again out of silence,
we take our first steps in this new world.
Everything is fresh and new, vibrant and alive.
We can look at things for the first time,
even if we have encountered them a thousand times before.

Osho says:
When you listen after meditation … you will see today that the sounds have become a great melody, because you have become deeper. You are not superficial. Your meditation has taken you beyond the body and beyond the mind, beyond the bones and beyond the marrow, and when you come out of meditation you are as fresh as a newly-born child.
A newborn child sees colors you cannot even imagine. What a tremendous world opens to him! He does not know anything. He cannot say what is green and what is yellow and what is red, but the way he sees them is far deeper and clearer than you can see. In fact, the more you become acquainted, the less you see, the less is your clarity. You become more dull.

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Thank you, beloved master, for polishing us so that we may shine.
For giving us the most precious gift.
The gift of life.