The mystery lives

The rain drums, as I sit asking myself who I am.
The temple roof emptying again and again in splashes
just as the Masters speak about emptying out all that I know.

Who am I?
The rain pours onto the forest floor, and the sound of the river grows louder, roaring,
until I don’t know if the river is outside or inside, or who I was

Then, before I know it, I am taken by the stream, and lifted
to a place of emptiness, silence, and love
Who am I?
The rain stops, the sun comes.
I only know that the mystery lives
at my Masters feet.

Accepting that you don’t know anything is the beginning of the seeking. It is not about getting more, it is to empty out whatever you think you know – so you can become innocent, receptive and available for the beauty, the grace, the truth, the love.

Vasant Swaha

Become like a hollow bamboo. Become empty, let your whole being become like a flute on the lips of God.

Vasant Swaha