The Door

You turn me completely around
and show me that the door opens inward, not outward,
and I must lay down everything I hold in my hands
before I can step inside.

Even though it seems dark and I am afraid,
I hear your voice saying,
And as I walk
the darkness becomes radiant, open and vast
and the silence so alive.

Then you laugh and say:
“See, there are no doors.
No outside and no inside. Only this.”

The river, the birds, my empty hands in my lap,
tremble with life.

Just be here now. Find that side of you that is as unpolluted as the nature, as these mountains that are so steady and peaceful. Be present, here, now, because this is where your life is. It doesn’t matter what you have done in the past. Now is totally clean. That is what it means to fall in tune with nature, with yourself. You become as still, as peaceful, as clear as this moment. And this moment is so atomic that there is no past, no future.

Vasant Swaha